A perfect trade appraisal process

July 11, 2023

Covid amplified a lot of bad habits in the car business. One of them is a laissez-faire attitude and process for the trade in or off street purchase process at your dealership(s). Far too many staff members think it’s just ok to just a quick walk around a trade in, maybe start it up, maybe put in in gear and then just put a number on it. We have all been guilty of doing this before Covid (myself included) and Covid just made it worse for a variety of reasons. The result of this behavior is inaccurate appraisals, inaccurate estimates of reconditioning costs, over valuing or under valuing of the trade in which can cause retail/wholesale losses, missed deals, and most importantly a poor customer experience. 2023 is a year to get back to the basics in all aspects of your business and the appraisal process is one of the most important tasks done daily in a car dealership. I have created an appraisal best practices presentation that I use with my dealer clients. Some of whats in this presentation may seem very basic to some and eye opening to others. I advocate that the Sales Consultant and the customer do the cosmetic inspection together which you may or may not agree with. Whether the customer is involved or not the rules that should be followed when it comes to appraisals should not change. I hope you find this helpful and I welcome all feedback please!  Please click this link to view it:


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