I help dealers, vendors, and tech partners thrive.
I’ve spent decades building strong teams and driving innovation within the auto industry. It’s time to help others do it, too.
Now I’m focused on sharing my experience with others.
I help dealers, vendors, and tech partners thrive.
  • Built and sold one of NY’s largest franchise/independent auto dealer groups
  • Early adopter for transparent, customer-centric operational strategies
  • Early investor and advisor in public/private automotive tech companies
I’ve spent decades building strong teams and driving innovation within the auto industry. It’s time to help others do it, too.
Now I’m focused on sharing my experience with others.

Good Processes + Good People = Good Business

What’s stopping you from reaching the next level?
  • Do you have multiple teams and verticals who don’t communicate with each other?
  • Trouble getting the entire organization moving in the same direction?
  • Is the ‘family’ part of business, adding a layer of complexity and emotion? Yeah, I’ve been there.
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I scaled my business from a single-point new car store into one of the largest used car franchises in Central New York by developing good processes and good people.

After reaching a critical level of success, my auto group was acquired by one of the nation’s largest automotive retailers.

I’ve been helped by numerous people throughout my career, from family members to mentors to business partners.

Now, I want to help the automotive industry thrive.

My team and I guide auto dealers to the next level and help vendors and tech partners understand what auto dealers need.

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Todd Caputo consulting with clients
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In my four decades of retail automotive experience as both a dealer and solution provider, I've come to know thousands of new and used car sales professionals.

Among all those with whom I've had the privilege to work, Todd Caputo stands out among the most elite performers. He has distinguished himself with unusual expertise and effectiveness in both sourcing and retailing used vehicles. Owning and operating a chain of independent used car sales and service outlets, he has demonstrated his expertise of sales volume, net profit and customer satisfaction.Todd also possesses a uniquely innate understanding of the macro used car market.

Perhaps, however, Todd's greatest attribute is his understanding and sensitivity of humanity. Todd works tirelessly to support meaningful causes that make a difference in the lives of so many. I'm truly blessed and honored for the privilege of Todd's friendship and professional association.
— Dale Pollak, Founder, vAuto
If you want boots-on-the-ground feedback on your business, product, or service, Todd Caputo can get to the heart of what's working, what's not, and why. Todd can also identify the changes that can turn feedback into fortune. Whether you are running a dealership or looking at technology solutions, Todd's hands-on approach is invaluable to engineering positive changes that deliver results.
— Alex Vetter, CEO, Cars, Inc.
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Todd for over 10 years now. He was an early adopter of vAuto, and I got to know him when I oversaw that company’s acquisition for AutoTrader.com. Todd was (and is) recognized as one of the best used car operators in automotive. I appreciate everything that Todd does to give back to the industry, and I learn something every time I speak with him. We need more Todd Caputos in this world.
— Steve Greenfield, CEO/Founder, Automotive Ventures LLC
Todd is invaluable. I started managing our dealership in 1999 and have not come across many people who can assess a dealership’s performance as well as Todd. In less than 24 hours, he was able to determine what we do well, what we need to improve upon and give us a roadmap on how to make the necessary changes quickly and efficiently.
Todd is a bulldog and you want him fighting for you. He will raise your business to the next level and help you be the best that you can be.
— Nicole DeNooyer, General Manager, DeNooyer Chevrolet
Todd Caputo is one of the best automotive retailers I have met in over 30 years in the industry. His passion and thought leadership in modern retailing put him at the forefront. He built a new, emerging retailing channel on his real world retail experience.
— Todd Smith, Managing Director, Kyzor, LLC

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